RenderSchedule.ElementTimeline Class

Specifies how to animate the geometry belonging to a set of GeometricElements as part of a RenderSchedule.Script.



Name Description
compareTo(other: RenderSchedule.ElementTimeline): number    
toJSON(): RenderSchedule.ElementTimelineProps    
fromJSON(props?: RenderSchedule.ElementTimelineProps): RenderSchedule.ElementTimeline Static    

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
equals(other: RenderSchedule.Timeline): boolean RenderSchedule.Timeline  
getAnimationTransform(time: number): Readonly<Transform> RenderSchedule.Timeline Get the transform applied to the geometry at the specified time point.
getClipVector(time: number): undefined | ClipVector RenderSchedule.Timeline Create a ClipVector from the RenderSchedule.CuttingPlane applied to the geometry at the specified time point, if any.
getColor(time: number): undefined | RgbColor RenderSchedule.Timeline Get the color of the geometry at the specified time point, or undefined if the color is not overridden at that time point.
getCuttingPlane(time: number): undefined | Plane3dByOriginAndUnitNormal RenderSchedule.Timeline Get the clipping plane applied to the geometry at the specified time point, or undefined if the geometry is unclipped at that time point.
getVisibility(time: number): number RenderSchedule.Timeline Get the visibility of the geometry at the specified time point.


Name Type Description
batchId Readonly number A positive integer that uniquely identififes this timeline among all ElementTimelines in the RenderSchedule.Script.  
containsElementIds Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
containsFeatureOverrides Accessor ReadOnly boolean True if this timeline affects the color or transparency of the elements.  
containsTransform Accessor ReadOnly boolean True if this timeline affects the position, orientation, or scale of the elements.  
elementIds Accessor ReadOnly Iterable<string> The Ids of the elements controlled by this timeline.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
color Readonly undefined | RenderSchedule.TimelineEntryList<RenderSchedule.ColorEntry, RenderSchedule.ColorEntryProps, undefined | RgbColor> RenderSchedule.Timeline Sequence controlling the color of the geometry.
cuttingPlane Readonly undefined | RenderSchedule.TimelineEntryList<RenderSchedule.CuttingPlaneEntry, RenderSchedule.CuttingPlaneEntryProps, undefined | RenderSchedule.CuttingPlane> RenderSchedule.Timeline Sequence controlling how the geometry is clipped.
duration Readonly Range1d RenderSchedule.Timeline The total time period represented by this timeline.
transform Readonly undefined | RenderSchedule.TransformTimelineEntries RenderSchedule.Timeline Sequence controlling the position, orientation, and/or scale of the geometry.
visibility Readonly undefined | RenderSchedule.VisibilityTimelineEntries RenderSchedule.Timeline Sequence controlling the visibility of the geometry.

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Last Updated: 11 November, 2022