Classes supporting map layers display.


Name Description  
ImageryMapLayerFormat Base class imagery map layer formats.  
MapFeatureInfoRecord Contains record data of a MapLayerFeature instance .  
MapLayerFeatureRecord Utility class that creates a PropertyRecord out of MapLayerFeatureAttribute  
MapLayerFormat Class representing a map-layer format.  
MapLayerFormatRegistry A registry of MapLayerFormats identified by their unique format IDs.  
MapLayerImageryProvider Abstract class for map layer imagery providers.  
MapLayerSource A source for map layers.  
MapLayerSources A collection of MapLayerSource objects.  


Name Description  
MapLayerImageryProviderStatus The status of the map layer imagery provider that lets you know if authentication is needed to request tiles.  
MapLayerSourceStatus Values for return codes from validateSource  


Name Description  
MapFeatureInfo Main feature info container for a MapFeatureInfo query.  
MapFeatureInfoOptions Options supplied to a Viewport.getMapFeatureInfo .  
MapLayerFeature Attributes and graphics container of a given feature instance  
MapLayerFeatureAttribute Attribute of a MapLayerFeature  
MapLayerFeatureGeometry Geometry of a MapLayerFeature  
MapLayerFeatureInfo Features container for a given map-layer.  
MapLayerOptions Options supplied at startup via mapLayerOptions to specify access keys for various map layer formats.  
MapLayerSourceProps JSON representation of a map layer source.  
MapSubLayerFeatureInfo Features container for a given sub-layer.  
ValidateSourceArgs Options for validating sources  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
MapLayerFormatType The type of a map layer format.  

Last Updated: 13 June, 2024