TileGeometryCollector Class


Collects geoemtry from a GeometryTileTreeReference within a specified volume at a specified level of detail. Subclasses can refine the collection criterion. The tile geometry is obtained asynchronously, so successive collections over multiple frames may be required before all of the geometry is collected.


Name Description
constructor(options: TileGeometryCollectorOptions): TileGeometryCollector Create a new collector.  
addMissingTile(tile: Tile): void Allows an implementation of GeometryTileTreeReference.collectTileGeometry to indicate that the specified tile's content must be loaded  
collectTile(tile: Tile): CollectTileStatus Determine whether to collect the specified tile's geometry, reject it, or to evaluate the geometry of its child tiles for collection.  
markLoading(): void Allows an implementation of GeometryTileTreeReference.collectTileGeoemtry to indicate that further loading is required before  
requestMissingTiles(): void Enqueues requests to obtain the content of any tiles whose content is required to complete the geometry collection.  


Name Type Description
_options ProtectedReadonly TileGeometryCollectorOptions The options used to construct this collector.  
isAllGeometryLoaded Accessor ReadOnly boolean Returns true if TileGeometryCollector.polyfaces has been fully populated with all the geometry satisfying this collector's criteria.  
polyfaces Readonly Polyface[] The list of accumulated polyfaces, populated during GeometryTileTreeReference.collectTileGeometry.  

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Last Updated: 02 February, 2022