Classes representing graphics as hierarchical 3d tiles.


Name Description  
BingElevationProvider Provides an interface to the Bing Maps elevation services.  
BingLocationProvider Provides an interface to the Bing Maps location services.  
DisclosedTileTreeSet A set of TileTrees disclosed by a set of objects implementing TileTreeDiscloser, used to collect references to tile trees in use by those objects.  
EllipsoidTerrainProvider A terrain mesh provider that produces geometry that represents a smooth ellipsoid without any height perturbations.  
GeographicTilingScheme A MapTilingScheme using a simple geographic projection by which longitude and latitude are mapped directly to X and Y.  
ImageryMapLayerTreeReference A reference to one of our tile trees.  
MapCartoRectangle A specialization of Range2d representing a Cartographic region on the surface of the Earth,  
MapLayerTileTreeReference A TileTreeReference to be used specifically for MapTileTrees.  
MapTile A Tile belonging to a MapTileTree representing a rectangular region of a map of the Earth.  
MapTileProjection Projects points within the rectangular region of a MapTile into 3d space.  
MapTileTree A quad tree consisting of MapTiles representing the map imagery draped onto the surface of the Earth.  
MapTilingScheme A scheme for converting between two representations of the surface of the Earth: an ellipsoid and a rectangular tiled map.  
QuadId Identifies a node within a quad tree, such as a MapTile within a MapTileTree.  
RealityTile A Tile within a RealityTileTree, representing part of a reality model (e.g., a point cloud or photogrammetry mesh) or 3d terrain with map imagery.  
RealityTileTree Base class for a TileTree representing a reality model (e.g., a point cloud or photogrammetry mesh) or 3d terrain with map imagery.  
TerrainMeshProvider Provides 3d meshes representing terrain for display in a Viewport.  
TerrainProviderRegistry A registry of TerrainProviders identified by their unique names.  
Tile A 3d tile within a TileTree.  
TileAdmin Manages Tiles and TileTrees on behalf of IModelApp.  
TileDrawArgs Provides context used when selecting and drawing Tiles.  
TileGeometryCollector Collects geoemtry from a GeometryTileTreeReference within a specified volume at a specified level of detail.  
TileRequest Represents a pending or active request to load the contents of a Tile.  
TileRequestChannel A channel over which requests for tile content can be made.  
TileRequestChannels A set of named TileRequestChannels via which content for Tiles can be requested.  
TileRequestChannelStatistics Statistics regarding the current and cumulative state of one or more TileRequestChannels.  
TileTree A hierarchical level-of-detail tree of 3d Tiles to be rendered in a Viewport.  
TileTreeReference A reference to a TileTree suitable for drawing within a Viewport.  
TileUsageMarker A marker associated with a Tile to track usage of that tile by any number of TileUsers.  
WebMercatorTilingScheme A MapTilingScheme using the EPSG:3857 projection.  


Name Description  
MapTileTreeScaleRangeVisibility Map tile tree scale range visibility values.  
TileBoundingBoxes Options for displaying tile bounding boxes for debugging purposes.  
TileGraphicType Describes the type of graphics produced by a TileTreeReference.  
TileLoadPriority Loosely describes the "importance" of a Tile.  
TileLoadStatus Describes the current status of a Tile's content.  
TileTreeLoadStatus Describes the current state of a TileTree.  
TileVisibility Describes the visibility of a tile based on its size and a view frustum.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
getCesiumAssetUrl Return the URL for a Cesium ION asset from its asset ID and request Key.  
readElementGraphics Convert the byte array returned by requestElementGraphics into a RenderGraphic.  
readGltf Produce a RenderGraphic from a glTF asset suitable for use in view decorations.  
readGltfGraphics Produce a RenderGraphic from a glTF asset suitable for use in view decorations.  


Name Description  
BatchTableProperties Provides access to per-feature properties within a RealityTileTree.  
GeometryTileTreeReference A TileTreeReference that can supply geometry in the form of Polyfaces from Tiles belonging to its TileTree and satisfying the criteria defined  
GltfGraphic The output of readGltf.  
GpuMemoryLimits Defines separate GpuMemoryLimits for mobile and desktop clients.  
MapLayerIndex Position of a map-layer in the display style's map (i.e.  
ReadGltfGraphicsArgs Arguments supplied to readGltfGraphics to produce a RenderGraphic from a glTF asset.  
ReadMeshArgs Arguments supplied to readMesh.  
RealityDataSource This interface provide methods used to access a reality data from a reality data provider  
RealityTileGeometry The geometry representing the contents of a reality tile.  
RenderGraphicTileTreeArgs Arguments supplied to createFromRenderGraphic.  
RequestMeshDataArgs Arguments supplied to requestMeshData.  
TerrainMeshProviderOptions Options supplied to createTerrainMeshProvider to construct a TerrainMeshProvider.  
TerrainProvider Interface adopted by an object that can supply TerrainMeshProviders enabling the display of 3d terrain in a Viewport.  
TileContent Describes the contents of a Tile.  
TileContentDecodingStatistics As part of a TileRequestChannelStatistics, summarizes cumulative time spent decoding tile content.  
TileDrawArgParams Parameters used to construct TileDrawArgs.  
TileGeometryCollectorOptions Options for creating a TileGeometryCollector.  
TileParams Parameters used to construct a Tile.  
TileTreeDiscloser Interface adopted by an object that contains references to TileTrees, to expose those trees.  
TileTreeOwner Owns and manages the lifecycle of a TileTree.  
TileTreeParams Parameters used to construct a TileTree.  
TileTreeSupplier Interface adopted by an object which can supply a TileTree for rendering.  
TileUser Represents some object that makes use of Tiles in some way - e.g., by requesting and/or displaying their contents, querying their geometry, etc.  


Name Description  
RealityDataSource Utility functions for RealityDataSource  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
CollectTileStatus Enumerates the statuses returned by collectTile.  
GpuMemoryLimit Describes a strategy for imposing limits upon the amount of GPU memory consumed by Tile content.  

Last Updated: 19 July, 2024