lookAtVolume Method

Change the volume that this view displays, keeping its current rotation.

lookAtVolume(volume: Readonly<WritableLowAndHighXYZ> | Readonly<WritableLowAndHighXY>, aspect?: number, options?: MarginOptions & OnViewExtentsError): void

note for 2d views, only the X and Y values of volume are used.

Parameter Type Description
volume Readonly<WritableLowAndHighXYZ> | Readonly<WritableLowAndHighXY> The new volume, in world-coordinates, for the view. The resulting view will show all of worldVolume, by fitting a
view-axis-aligned bounding box around it. For views that are not aligned with the world coordinate system, this will sometimes
result in a much larger volume than worldVolume.
aspect number The X/Y aspect ratio of the view into which the result will be displayed. If the aspect ratio of the volume does not
match aspect, the shorter axis is lengthened and the volume is centered. If aspect is undefined, no adjustment is made.
options MarginOptions & OnViewExtentsError for providing MarginPercent and onExtentsError

Returns - void

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Last Updated: 06 January, 2023