Classes for working with Views


Name Description  
AuxCoordSystem2dState The state of an AuxCoordSystem2d element in the frontend  
AuxCoordSystem3dState The state of an AuxCoordSystem3d element in the frontend  
AuxCoordSystemSpatialState The state of an AuxCoordSystemSpatial element in the frontend  
AuxCoordSystemState The state of an AuxCoordSystem element in the frontend  
CategorySelectorState A set of Categories to be displayed in a ViewState.  
ChangeFlags Describes which aspects of a Viewport have changed.  
Cluster A cluster of one or more Markers that overlap one another in the view.  
ContextRealityModelState A ContextRealityModel attached to a DisplayStyleState supplying a TileTreeReference used to draw the  
DisplayStyle2dState A display style that can be applied to 2d views.  
DisplayStyle3dState A DisplayStyleState that can be applied to spatial views.  
DisplayStyleState A DisplayStyle defines the parameters for 'styling' the contents of a ViewState.  
DrawingViewState A view of a DrawingModel  
FrustumAnimator Animates the transition of a Viewport from one Frustum to another.  
GlobeAnimator Animates the transition of a Viewport to view a location on the Earth.  
IconSprites Icon sprites are loaded from .png files in the assets directory of imodeljs-native.  
MarginPercent Specifies margins to apply around a view volume for methods like lookAtVolume and zoomToElements, expanding the  
Marker A Marker is a CanvasDecoration, whose position follows a fixed location in world space.  
MarkerSet A set of Markers that are logically related, such that they cluster when they overlap one another in screen space.  
ModelSelectorState The state of a ModelSelector.  
MutableChangeFlags A ChangeFlags that permits modifying the states of individual ChangeFlags.  
OffScreenViewport A viewport that draws to an offscreen buffer instead of to the screen.  
OrthographicViewState Defines a spatial view that displays geometry on the image plane using a parallel orthographic projection.  
PlanarClipMaskState The State of Planar Clip Mask applied to a reality model or background map.  
ScreenViewport An interactive Viewport that exists within an HTMLDivElement.  
SheetViewState A view of a SheetModel.  
SpatialClassifiersState The front-end representation of SpatialClassifiers that adds support for classifying a reality model using non-persistent  
SpatialViewState Defines a view of one or more SpatialModels.  
Sprite Sprites are small raster images that are drawn on top of Viewports by a ViewDecoration.  
SpriteLocation A Sprite location.  
StandardView Supplies access to a set of commonly-used view rotations.  
TwoWayViewportFrustumSync Forms a bidirectional connection between two Viewports such that the Frustums of each are synchronized with one another.  
TwoWayViewportSync Forms a bidirectional connection between two Viewports such that the ViewStates of each are synchronized with one another.  
ViewCreator2d API for creating a ViewState2d for a 2D model (GeometricModel2dState).  
ViewCreator3d API for creating a 3D default ViewState3d for an iModel.  
ViewingSpace Describes a Viewport's viewing volume, plus its size on the screen.  
ViewManager The ViewManager holds the list of opened views, plus the selected view.  
Viewport A Viewport renders the contents of one or more GeometricModels onto an HTMLCanvasElement.  
ViewPose The "pose" for a View describing the viewed area or volume, depending upon whether  
ViewPose2d The "pose" for a ViewState2d.  
ViewPose3d The "pose" for a ViewState3d, including information about the view's Camera if it is enabled.  
ViewRect A rectangle in unsigned integer view coordinates with (0,0) corresponding to the top-left corner of the view.  
ViewState The front-end state of a ViewDefinition element.  
ViewState2d Defines the state of a view of a single 2d model.  
ViewState3d Defines the state of a view of 3d models.  


Name Description  
ChangeFlag Bit masks describing which aspects of a Viewport have changed as part of a ChangeFlags.  
CoordSystem Coordinate system types  
DepthPointSource Source of depth point returned by pickDepthPoint.  
StandardViewId Describes a set of commonly-used view rotations.  
ViewStatus Describes the result of a viewing operation such as those exposed by ViewState and Viewport.  
ViewUndoEvent Describes an undo or redo event for a Viewport.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
calculateEcefToDbTransformAtLocation Calculate the ECEF to database (IModel) coordinate transform at a provided location, using the GCS of the iModel.  
connectViewportFrusta Form a connection between two or more Viewports such that they all view the same volume.  
connectViewports Forms a connection between two or more Viewports such that a change in any one of the viewports is reflected in all of the others.  
connectViewportViews Form a connection between two or more Viewports such that every aspect of the viewports are kept in sync.  
queryTerrainElevationOffset Queries the actual elevation of a cartographic point on the globe (using Bing elevation services)  
synchronizeViewportFrusta A function that returns a SynchronizeViewports function that synchronizes the viewed volumes of each viewport.  
synchronizeViewportViews A function that returns a SynchronizeViewports function that synchronizes every aspect of the viewports' states, including  


Name Description  
Animator An object to animate a transition of a Viewport.  
ChangeViewedModel2dOptions Options for changing the viewed Model of a 2d view via changeViewedModel2d  
ComputeDisplayTransformArgs Arguments supplied to computeDisplayTransform.  
ComputeSpatialViewFitRangeOptions Options supplied to computeFitRange.  
Decorator Interface for drawing decoration graphics into, or on top of, the active ScreenViewports managed by ViewManager.  
DepthPointOptions Options to control behavior of pickDepthPoint.  
DepthRangeNpc The minimum and maximum values for the z-depth of a rectangle of screen space.  
DynamicSpatialClassifier A SpatialClassifier that uses geoemtry produced at run-time to classify a reality model.  
ExtentLimits Describes the largest and smallest values allowed for the extents of a ViewState.  
FeatureOverrideProvider An object that customizes the appearance of Features within a Viewport using Overrides.  
GetPixelDataWorldPointArgs Arguments to getPixelDataWorldPoint.  
GlobalAlignmentOptions Options that control how a view is aligned with the globe.  
GlobalLocation Describes a location on the earth using cartographic data structures.  
GlobalLocationArea Describes a rectangular area of the earth using cartographic data structures.  
LookAtArgs Arguments to ViewState3d.lookAt for either a perspective or orthographic view  
LookAtOrthoArgs Arguments to ViewState3d.lookAt to set up an orthographic view  
LookAtPerspectiveArgs Arguments to ViewState3d.lookAt to set up a perspective view  
LookAtUsingLensAngle Arguments to ViewState3d.lookAt to set up an perspective view using a (field-of-view) lens angle.  
MapLayerScaleRangeVisibility MapLayer visibility based on its scale range definition.  
MarginOptions Options that control the margin around the edges of a volume for lookAt and Fit view operations  
ModelDisplayTransform A Transform supplied by a ModelDisplayTransformProvider to be applied to a model when displaying it in a Viewport.  
ModelDisplayTransformProvider Interface adopted by an object that wants to apply a ModelDisplayTransform to one or more models within a Viewport.  
OffScreenViewportOptions Options supplied when creating an OffScreenViewport.  
OnViewExtentsError A method to be called if an error occurs while adjusting a ViewState's extents  
OsmBuildingDisplayOptions Options controlling display of OpenStreetMap Buildings.  
PaddingPercent Specifies padding to apply around a view volume for methods like lookAtVolume and zoomToElements, expanding or  
ReadImageBufferArgs Arguments supplied to readImageBuffer.  
SelectedViewportChangedArgs Argument for onSelectedViewportChanged  
TiledGraphicsProvider Provides a way for applications to inject additional non-decorative graphics into a Viewport by supplying one or more TileTreeReferences capable of loading and drawing the graphics.  
ToolTipProvider An object that can contribute customizations to the tooltip displayed when mousing over an element or other entity in a Viewport.  
ViewAnimationOptions Options that control how an Viewport animation behaves.  
ViewChangeOptions Options that control how operations that change a viewport behave.  
ViewCreator2dOptions Options for creating a ViewState2d via ViewCreator2d.  
ViewCreator3dOptions Options for creating a ViewState3d via ViewCreator3d.  
ViewportDecorator Interface for drawing Decorations into, or on top of, a ScreenViewport.  
ZoomToOptions Options to allow changing the view rotation with zoomTo methods and ensure minimum bounding box dimensions for zoomToElements.  


Name Description  
Frustum2d Constants and functions for working with two-dimensions Frustums.  
PerModelCategoryVisibility Per-model category visibility permits the visibility of categories within a Viewport displaying a SpatialViewState to be overridden in  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
ActiveSpatialClassifier Describes the source of geometry being used to classify a reality model.  
AttachToViewportArgs Arguments to attachToViewport.  
MarkerImage The types that may be used for Markers  
OnFlashedIdChangedEventArgs Payload for the onFlashedIdChanged event indicating Ids of the currently- and/or previously-flashed objects.  
PersistentSpatialClassifier A SpatialClassifier that uses geometry from a persistent GeometricModelState to classify a reality model.  
SynchronizeViewports A function used by connectViewports that can synchronize the state of a target Viewport with  

Last Updated: 13 June, 2024