SchemaKey Class


The SchemaKey contains a Schemas name and version.


Name Description
constructor(name: string, version: ECVersion): SchemaKey    
constructor(name: string, readVersion?: number, writeVersion?: number, minorVersion?: number): SchemaKey    
compareByName(rhs: undefined | string | SchemaKey): boolean Compares two schema names, case-insensitive.  
compareByVersion(rhs: SchemaKey): number Compares two schema versions.  
matches(rhs: SchemaKey, matchType: SchemaMatchType = SchemaMatchType.Identical): boolean    
toJSON(): SchemaKeyProps Save this SchemaKey's properties to an object for serializing to JSON.  
toString(padZeroes: boolean = true): string Creates a string, in the format '', representing this SchemaKey.  
fromJSON(props: SchemaKeyProps): SchemaKey Static Deserializes a SchemaKeyProps JSON object into a SchemaKey object.  
parseString(fullName: string): SchemaKey Static    


Name Type Description
_version Protected ECVersion    
minorVersion Accessor ReadOnly number    
name Accessor ReadOnly string    
readVersion Accessor ReadOnly number    
version Accessor ReadOnly ECVersion    
writeVersion Accessor ReadOnly number    

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Last Updated: 09 November, 2021