Name Description
AlphaSlider AlphaSlider component used to set the alpha value. Deprecated
ColorEditor ColorEditor React component that is a property editor with text input
ColorPropertyEditor Color Property Editor registered for the "number" type name and "color-picker" editor name.
Cube Cube React component used by the 3d Cube Navigation Aid
CubeNavigationAid Cube Navigation Aid Component
CubeRotationChangeEvent 3d Cube Rotation Change event Deprecated
DrawingNavigationAid A Drawing Navigation Aid.
DrawingViewportChangeEvent Drawing View Change event Deprecated
LineWeightSwatch LineWeightSwatch Functional component
StandardRotationChangeEvent Standard Rotation Change event Deprecated
UiIModelComponents Manages the localization service for the imodel-components-react package.
ViewClassFullNameChangedEvent View Class Full Name Change event Deprecated
ViewIdChangedEvent View Id Change event Deprecated
ViewportComponentEvents Viewport Rotation events and methods
ViewRotationChangeEvent View Rotation Change event Deprecated
WeightEditor WeightEditor React component that is a property editor for picking a weight using a WeightPickerButton component
WeightPickerButton WeightPickerButton component
WeightPropertyEditor Weight Property Editor registered for the "number" type name and "weight-picker" editor name.


Name Description
Face Cube Face enumeration
TimelineDateDisplay Determines if data displayed to use is the actual date or the amount of time elapsed since project start.
TimelinePausePlayAction Actions for Pause/Play event
TimelineScale The timeline scale.

Global Functions

Name Description
ColorPickerButton ColorPickerButton component Deprecated
ColorPickerDialog Color Picker Dialog to use as modal dialog. Deprecated
ColorPickerPopup ColorPickerButton component that allows user to select a color from a set of color swatches or to define a new color. Deprecated
ColorSwatch ColorSwatch Functional component displays a color swatch in a button Deprecated
HueSlider HueSlider component used to set the hue value. Deprecated
QuantityInput Input control that allows users to input a quantity and show the formatted string that represents the value.
QuantityNumberInput The QuantityNumberInput component accepts input for quantity values.
SaturationPicker SaturationPicker component used to set the saturation value. Deprecated
TimelineComponent TimelineComponent is used to playback timeline data
ViewportComponent A viewport React component that creates a ScreenViewport.


Name Description
AlphaSliderProps Properties for the AlphaSlider React component Deprecated
ColorPickerDialogProps Properties for the ColorPickerDialog React component Deprecated
ColorPickerPopupProps Properties for the ColorPickerPopup React component Deprecated
ColorPickerProps Properties for the ColorPickerButton React component Deprecated
ColorSwatchProps Properties for the ColorSwatch React component Deprecated
CubeNavigationAidProps Properties for the CubeNavigationAid component
CubeProps Properties for the Cube React component
CubeRotationChangeEventArgs Arguments for CubeRotationChangeEvent Deprecated
DrawingNavigationAidProps Properties for the DrawingNavigationAid component
DrawingViewportChangeEventArgs Arguments for DrawingViewportChangeEvent Deprecated
HueSliderProps Properties for the HueSlider React component Deprecated
LineWeightSwatchProps Properties for the LineWeightSwatch React component
PlaybackSettings Playback Settings.
QuantityNumberInputProps Properties for the QuantityNumberInput component
QuantityProps Props for QuantityInput control
SaturationPickerProps Properties for the SaturationPicker React component Deprecated
StandardRotationChangeEventArgs Arguments for StandardRotationChangeEvent Deprecated
TimelineComponentProps TimelineComponentProps configure the timeline
TimelineDataProvider Interface for a timeline data provider class
TimelineDateMarkerProps TimelineDateMarkerProps: Mark a date on the timeline with an indicator
TimelineMenuItemProps TimelineMenuItemProps specifies playback speed entries in the Timeline's ContextMenu
TimelinePausePlayArgs Args for event to pause or play the timeline component
ViewClassFullNameChangedEventArgs Arguments for ViewClassFullNameChangedEvent Deprecated
ViewIdChangedEventArgs Arguments for ViewIdChangedEvent Deprecated
ViewportProps Properties for ViewportComponent component.
ViewRotationChangeEventArgs Arguments for ViewRotationChangeEvent Deprecated
WeightPickerProps Properties for the WeightPickerButton React component

Type Aliases

Name Description
AnimationFractionChangeHandler An interface used to notify Handlers of the current pointer position in the timeline playback.
PlaybackSettingsChangeHandler An interface used to notify Handlers of Playback Settings changes.
StepFunctionProp Step function prototype for QuantityNumberInput component
TimelineMenuItemOption TimelineMenuItemOption: specifies how the app wants the timeline speeds to be installed on the TimelineComponent's ContextMenu
ViewStateProp Type for a ViewState prop

Last Updated: 07 June, 2024