Linear referencing is the method of storing geographic locations by using relative positions along a measured linear feature.


Name Description  
ComparisonOption Enum capturing range-comparison options for from/to distanceAlong in QueryParams Beta
LinearlyReferencedLocationType Enum enabling LinearElement.queryLinearLocations performance optimization when the target Linearly-Located classes are all either At or FromTo. Beta


Name Description  
DistanceExpressionProps Properties of a DistanceExpression Beta
ILinearElementProps Properties of an ILinearElement Beta
ILinearlyLocatedAttributionProps Properties of an ILinearlyLocatedAttribution Beta
IReferentProps Properties of an IReferent Beta
LinearLocationReference Interface with data returned by LinearElement.queryLinearLocations API Beta
LinearlyLocatedAttributionProps Properties of a LinearlyLocatedAttribution Beta
LinearlyReferencedAtLocationAspectProps Properties of a LinearlyReferencedAtLocation Beta
LinearlyReferencedAtLocationProps Core properties of a LinearlyReferencedAtLocation Beta
LinearlyReferencedFromToLocationAspectProps Properties of a LinearlyReferencedFromToLocation Beta
LinearlyReferencedFromToLocationProps Core properties of a LinearlyReferencedFromToLocation Beta
QueryParams Interface capturing various parameters for the execution of LinearElement.queryLinearLocations API Beta
ReferentElementProps Properties of a ReferentElement Beta

Last Updated: 15 June, 2021