RelatedPropertiesSpecification Interface

This specification allows including related instance properties into the content.

see Related properties specification specification reference documentation page


Name Type Description
autoExpand undefined | boolean Should the field containing related properties be assigned the NestedContentField.autoExpand  
handleTargetClassPolymorphically undefined | boolean The attribute tells whether the target class specified through RelatedPropertiesSpecification.propertiesSource should be handled  
instanceFilter undefined | string Condition for filtering instances targeted by the RelatedPropertiesSpecification.propertiesSource attribute.  
nestedRelatedProperties undefined | RelatedPropertiesSpecification[] The attribute allows loading additional related properties that are related to the target instance of this specification.  
properties string | PropertySpecification[] | RelatedPropertiesSpecialValues List of names or definitions of related class properties that should be included in the content.  
propertiesSource RelationshipPathSpecification Specifies a chain of relationship path specifications that  
relationshipMeaning undefined | RelationshipMeaning The attribute describes what the related properties mean to the primary instance  
skipIfDuplicate undefined | boolean Specifies whether the specification should be ignored if another higher priority specification for the same relationship already exists. Beta  

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Last Updated: 20 May, 2022