Classes for working with a Content View, Group, Layout or Control


Name Description  
ActiveContentChangedEvent Active Content Changed Event class.  
ContentControl The base class for Frontstage content controls.  
ContentControlActivatedEvent ContentControl Activated Event class.  
ContentGroup ContentGroup class.  
ContentGroupProvider Abstract class that can be implemented and specified by frontstage to dynamically construct  
ContentLayout Content Layout React component.  
ContentLayoutActivatedEvent Content Layout Activated Event class.  
ContentLayoutDef Content Layout Definition class.  
ContentLayoutManager ContentLayout Manager class.  
ContentViewManager Content View Manager class.  
FloatingContentControl Beta
FloatingViewportContentControl Beta
IModelViewportControl iModel Viewport Control  
MouseDownChangedEvent Mouse Down Changed Event class.  
StageContentLayout StageContentLayout class.  
ViewportContentControl The base class for frontstage Viewport content controls that connects to a ScreenViewport  
ViewStateHelper SavedView class.  


Name Description  
IModelConnectedViewport Viewport that is connected to the IModelConnection property in the Redux store.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
DefaultViewOverlay Default viewport overlay that examines ViewState of the active view for a schedule script, analysis data, or solar data.  
FloatingViewportContent FloatingViewportContent component that creates its own [FloatingViewportContentControl]. Beta
SplitPane Local TypeScript implementation of SplitPane from react-split-pane package since that  


Name Description  
ActiveContentChangedEventArgs ActiveContentChangedEvent Args interface.  
ContentControlActivatedEventArgs ControlControl Activated Event Args interface.  
ContentGroupProps Properties for a ContentGroup  
ContentLayoutActivatedEventArgs Content Layout Activated Event Args class.  
ContentLayoutComponentProps Properties for the ContentLayout React component.  
ContentProps Properties for content displayed in a content view  
FloatingViewportContentProps Beta
IModelViewportControlOptions IModelViewportControl options.  
MouseDownChangedEventArgs MouseDownChangedEvent Args interface.  
SplitPaneProps Props for SplitPane component  
StageContentLayoutProps StageContentLayoutProps interface for sharing view layout information.  
SupportsViewSelectorChange Interface to be implemented when the ContentControl supports ViewSelector changes  
ViewLayout ViewLayout interface for sharing view layout information.  
ViewOverlayProps Props of Viewport Overlay Control that show timelines  
ViewStateHelperProps SavedViewProps interface for sharing ViewState and EmphasizeElements information.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  

Last Updated: 17 March, 2023