UiFramework Class

Manages the Redux store, localization service and iModel, Project and Login services for the ui-framework package.


Name Description
constructor(): UiFramework    
closeCursorMenu(): void Static    
dispatchActionToStore(type: string, payload: any, immediateSync: boolean = false): void Static    
getAccudrawSnapMode(): SnapMode Static    
getActiveIModelId(): string Static    
getActiveSelectionScope(): string Static    
getAvailableSelectionScopes(): PresentationSelectionScope[] Static    
getColorTheme(): string Static    
getCursorMenuData(): undefined | CursorMenuData Static    
getDefaultIModelViewportControlId(): undefined | string Static    
getDefaultViewId(): undefined | string Static    
getDefaultViewState(): undefined | ViewState Static    
getIModelConnection(): undefined | IModelConnection Static    
getIsUiVisible(): boolean Static    
getUiStateStorage(): UiStateStorage Static The UI Settings Storage is a convenient wrapper around Local Storage to assist in caching state information across user sessions.  
getWidgetOpacity(): number Static    
initialize(store: undefined | Store<any, AnyAction>, frameworkStateKey?: string, startInUi1Mode?: boolean): Promise<void> Static Called by the application to initialize the UiFramework.  
initializeStateFromUserSettingsProviders(immediateSync: boolean = false): Promise<void> Static Called by iModelApp to initialize saved UI state from registered UseSettingsProviders  
isMobile(): boolean Static    
openCursorMenu(menuData: undefined | CursorMenuData): void Static    
registerUserSettingsProvider(entry: UserSettingsProvider): boolean Static Registers class that will be informed when the UserSettingsStorage location has been set or changed. Beta  
setAccudrawSnapMode(snapMode: SnapMode): void Static    
setActiveIModelId(iModelId: string): void Static    
setActiveSelectionScope(selectionScopeId: string): void Static    
setAnimateToolSettings(value: boolean): void Static    
setColorTheme(theme: string): void Static    
setDefaultIModelViewportControlId(iModelViewportControlId: string, immediateSync: boolean = false): void Static    
setDefaultViewId(viewId: string, immediateSync: boolean = false): void Static    
setDefaultViewState(viewState: ViewState, immediateSync: boolean = false): void Static    
setIModelConnection(iModelConnection: undefined | IModelConnection, immediateSync: boolean = false): void Static    
setIsUiVisible(visible: boolean): void Static    
setShowWidgetIcon(value: boolean): void Static    
setUiStateStorage(storage: UiStateStorage, immediateSync: boolean = false): Promise<void> Static    
setUiVersion(version: FrameworkVersionId): void Static    
setUseDragInteraction(useDragInteraction: boolean): void Static    
setUseToolAsToolSettingsLabel(value: boolean): void Static    
setViewOverlayDisplay(display: boolean): void Static Set the variable that controls display of the view overlay.  
setWidgetOpacity(opacity: number): void Static    
terminate(): void Static Un-registers the UiFramework internationalization service namespace  


Name Type Description
animateToolSettings Accessor StaticReadOnly boolean Animate Tool Settings on appear  
backstageManager Accessor StaticReadOnly BackstageManager    
childWindowManager Accessor StaticReadOnly ChildWindowManager    
frameworkState Accessor StaticReadOnly undefined | FrameworkState The UiFramework state maintained by Redux  
frameworkStateKey Accessor StaticReadOnly string    
initialized Accessor StaticReadOnly boolean Determines if UiFramework has been initialized  
localizationNamespace Accessor StaticReadOnly string The internationalization service namespace.  
onUiVisibilityChanged StaticReadonly UiVisibilityChangedEvent Get Show Ui event.  
settingsManager Accessor StaticReadOnly SettingsManager Property that returns the SettingManager used by AppUI-based applications.  
showWidgetIcon Accessor StaticReadOnly boolean    
store Accessor StaticReadOnly Store<any, AnyAction> The Redux store  
uiVersion Accessor StaticReadOnly FrameworkVersionId Returns the Ui Version.  
useDefaultPopoutUrl Static boolean    
useDragInteraction Accessor StaticReadOnly boolean    
useToolAsToolSettingsLabel Accessor StaticReadOnly boolean Use Tool Name As Tool Settings Widget Tab Label  
viewOverlayDisplay Accessor StaticReadOnly boolean Returns the variable controlling whether the overlay is displayed in a Viewport  

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Last Updated: 19 August, 2022