Environment Class

As part of a DisplayStyle3dSettings, controls the display of a SkyBox and GroundPlane to simulate the outdoor environment.

@see DisplayStyle3dSettings.environment.


Name Description
constructor(props?: Partial<EnvironmentProperties>): Environment Protected    
clone(changedProps?: Partial<EnvironmentProperties>): Environment Create a copy of this environment, identical except for any properties specified by changedProps.  
toJSON(): EnvironmentProps Convert to JSON representation.  
withDisplay(display: { atmosphere?: boolean, ground?: boolean, sky?: boolean }): Environment Create a copy of this environment, changing the displayGround, displaySky and/or displayAtmosphere flags.  
create(props?: Partial<EnvironmentProperties>): Environment Static Create a new Environment.  
fromJSON(props?: EnvironmentProps): Environment Static Create from JSON representation.  


Name Type Description
atmosphere Readonly Atmosphere.Settings Describes how the atmosphere should be drawn  
defaults StaticReadonly Environment Default settings without a ground plane, sky box, or atmosphere displayed.  
displayAtmosphere Readonly boolean If true, the atmosphere will be displayed.  
displayGround Readonly boolean If true, the ground plane will be displayed.  
displaySky Readonly boolean If true, the sky box will be displayed.  
ground Readonly GroundPlane Describes how the ground plane should be drawn.  
sky Readonly SkyBox Describes how the sky box should be drawn.  

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Last Updated: 05 April, 2024