Classes for working with a connection to an iModel briefcase


Name Description  
BlankConnection A connection that exists without an iModel.  
BriefcaseConnection A connection to an editable briefcase on the backend.  
BriefcaseEditorToolSettings Settings that can be used to control the behavior of Tools that modify a BriefcaseConnection.  
BriefcaseNotificationHandler Base class for notification handlers for events from the backend that are specific to a BriefcaseConnection.  
BriefcaseTxns Manages local changes to a BriefcaseConnection via Txns.  
CheckpointConnection An IModelConnection to a checkpoint of an iModel, hosted on a remote backend over RPC.  
GeoConverter An object capable of communicating with the backend to convert between coordinates in a geographic coordinate system and coordinates in an IModelConnection's own coordinate system.  
GeoServices The Geographic Services available for an IModelConnection.  
GraphicalEditingScope Represents a period of time within an interactive editing session during which the  
IModelConnection A connection to a IModelDb hosted on the backend.  
IModelRoutingContext Controls the RPC routing for an iModel connection.  
SnapshotConnection A connection to a SnapshotDb hosted on a backend.  
Tiles Provides access to TileTrees associated with an IModelConnection.  


Name Description  
BlankConnectionProps The properties for creating a Blank IModelConnection  
DownloadProgressInfo Download progress information.  
GenericAbortSignal Partial interface of AbortSignal.  
PullChangesOptions Options for pulling iModel changes.  


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Type Aliases

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Last Updated: 25 October, 2023