GeometryTileTreeReference Interface


A TileTreeReference that can supply geometry in the form of Polyfaces from Tiles belonging to its TileTree and satisfying the criteria defined by a TileGeometryCollector. Use TileTreeReference.createGeometryTreeReference to obtain a GeometryTileTreeReference from an existing TileTreeReference.



Name Description
collectTileGeometry(collector: TileGeometryCollector): void Populate TileGeometryCollector.polyfaces with geometry satisfying collector's criteria.  

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
_collectTileGeometry(collector: TileGeometryCollector): void Protected TileTreeReference A function that can be assigned to TileTreeReference.collectTileGeometry to enable geometry collection for references to tile trees that support geometry collection.
_createGeometryTreeReference(): undefined | GeometryTileTreeReference Protected TileTreeReference Create a tile tree reference equivalent to this one that also supplies an implementation of GeometryTileTreeReference.collectTileGeometry.
accumulateTransformedRange(range: Range3d, matrix: Matrix4d, frustumPlanes?: FrustumPlanes): void TileTreeReference  
addLogoCards(_cards: HTMLTableElement, _vp: ScreenViewport): void TileTreeReference Add attribution logo cards for the tile tree source logo cards to the viewport's logo div.
addToScene(context: SceneContext): void TileTreeReference Adds this reference's graphics to the scene.
collectStatistics(stats: RenderMemory.Statistics): void TileTreeReference  
computeTransform(tree: TileTree): Transform Protected TileTreeReference Compute a transform from this tile tree reference's coordinate space to the IModelConnection's coordinate space.
computeWorldContentRange(): Range3d TileTreeReference Compute the range of this tile tree's contents in world coordinates.
createDrawArgs(context: SceneContext): undefined | TileDrawArgs TileTreeReference Create context for drawing the tile tree, if it is ready for drawing.
createGeometryTreeReference(): undefined | GeometryTileTreeReference TileTreeReference Obtain a tile tree reference equivalent to this one that also supplies an implementation of GeometryTileTreeReference.collectTileGeometry, or
decorate(_context: DecorateContext): void TileTreeReference Optionally add any decorations specific to this reference.
discloseTileTrees(trees: DisclosedTileTreeSet): void TileTreeReference Disclose all TileTrees use by this reference.
draw(args: TileDrawArgs): void TileTreeReference Adds this reference's graphics to the scene.
getAnimationTransformNodeId(_tree: TileTree): undefined | number Protected TileTreeReference  
getAppearanceProvider(_tree: TileTree): undefined | FeatureAppearanceProvider Protected TileTreeReference Return a provider that can supplement the view's symbology overrides.
getClipVolume(tree: TileTree): undefined | RenderClipVolume Protected TileTreeReference Return the clip volume applied to this reference's tile tree, if any.
getHiddenLineSettings(_tree: TileTree): undefined | Settings Protected TileTreeReference Return hidden line settings to replace those defined for the view.
getLocation(): undefined | Transform TileTreeReference Supply transform from this tile tree reference's location to iModel coordinate space.
getMapFeatureInfo(_hit: HitDetail): Promise<undefined | []> TileTreeReference Optionally return a MapLayerFeatureInfo object describing the hit.].
getSymbologyOverrides(_tree: TileTree): undefined | FeatureSymbology.Overrides Protected TileTreeReference Return overrides that replace any defined for the view.
getTerrainHeight(_terrainHeights: Range1d): void TileTreeReference  
getToolTip(_hit: HitDetail): Promise<undefined | string | HTMLElement> TileTreeReference Optionally return a tooltip describing the hit.
getViewFlagOverrides(tree: TileTree): Partial<Mutable<NonFunctionPropertiesOf<ViewFlags>>> Protected TileTreeReference Supply overrides that should be applied to the ViewState's ViewFlags when drawing this tile tree reference.
unionFitRange(union: Range3d): void TileTreeReference Unions this reference's range with the supplied range to help compute a volume in world space for fitting a viewport to its contents.

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
_isLoadingComplete Accessor ReadOnly boolean TileTreeReference Override if additional asynchronous loading is required after the tile tree is successfully loaded, to indicate when that loading has completed.
castsShadows Accessor ReadOnly boolean TileTreeReference Return whether the geometry exposed by this tile tree reference should cast shadows on other geometry.
isGlobal Accessor ReadOnly boolean TileTreeReference Return whether this reference has global coverage. Mapping data is global and some non-primary models such as the OSM building layer have global coverage
isLoadingComplete Accessor ReadOnly boolean TileTreeReference Return true if the tile tree is fully loaded and ready to draw.
The default implementation returns true if the tile tree loading process completed (whether it resulted in success or failure).
planarclipMaskPriority Accessor ReadOnly number TileTreeReference Return the clip mask priority for this model - models will be clipped by any other viewed model with a higher proirity.
BIM models have highest prioirty and are never clipped.
treeOwner Accessor AbstractReadOnly TileTreeOwner TileTreeReference The owner of the currently-referenced TileTree. Do not store a direct reference to it, because it may change or become disposed at any time.

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Last Updated: 20 May, 2022