TerrainMeshProvider Class


Provides 3d meshes representing terrain for display in a Viewport. Each mesh represents the terrain within a rectangular region of the Earth associated with a MapTile. The display system drapes background map imagery onto these meshes. TerrainMeshProviders are obtained from TerrainProviders.


Name Description
constructor(): TerrainMeshProvider    
addLogoCards(_cards: HTMLTableElement, _vp: ScreenViewport): void Add attribution logo cards for the terrain data supplied by this provider to the Viewport's logo div.  
forceTileLoad(_tile: MapTile): boolean Returns true if the specified tile should always be loaded.  
getChildHeightRange(quadId: QuadId, rectangle: MapCartoRectangle, parent: MapTile): undefined | Range1d Returns the minimum and maximum elevation of the terrain within the specified region of the Earth.  
isTileAvailable(_quadId: QuadId): boolean Return whether terrain data can be obtained for the MapTile specified by quadId.  
readMesh(args: ReadMeshArgs): Promise<undefined | RealityMeshParams> Abstract Convert the terrain data supplied by TerrainMeshProvider.requestMeshData into a terrain mesh.  
requestMeshData(args: RequestMeshDataArgs): Promise<any> Abstract Obtain a representation of the terrain for a specific MapTile.  


Name Type Description
maxDepth Accessor AbstractReadOnly number Returns the maximum level of detail of the terrain meshes.  
tilingScheme Accessor AbstractReadOnly MapTilingScheme The tiling scheme used by this provider to convert between tile coordinates and geodetic coordinates.  

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Last Updated: 11 November, 2022