MapLayerFormat Class


Class representing a map-layer format. Each format has it's unique 'formatId' string, used to uniquely identify a format in the MapLayerFormatRegistry. When creating an ImageMapLayerSettings object, a format needs to be specified this 'formatId'. The MapLayerFormat object can later be used to validate a source, or create a provider.

Subclasses should override formatId and MapLayerFormat.createImageryProvider.

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Name Description
constructor(): MapLayerFormat    
register(): void Static Register the current format in the MapLayerFormatRegistry.  
validateSource(_url: string, _userName?: string, _password?: string, _ignoreCache?: boolean): Promise<MapLayerSourceValidation> Static Allow a source of a specific to be validated before being attached as a map-layer.  


Name Type Description
formatId Static string    

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Last Updated: 21 November, 2022