Interactive- and immediate-mode tools, most of which can be executed via key-in. All key-ins are documented in the package's README.


Name Description  
AnimationIntervalTool Changes the IModelApp.animationInterval. Beta
ApplyRenderingStyleTool Given a "rendering style" as a partial DispalyStyle3dSettingsProperties JSON string, apply it to the selected viewport's display style. Beta
ApplyViewByIdTool Given the Id of a persistent ViewDefinition, applies that view to the active viewport. Beta
ApplyViewTool Given a string containing a JSON representation of a ViewState, applies that ViewState to the active viewport. Beta
AttachArcGISMapLayerByUrlTool This tool attaches an ArcGIS map layer from a given URL. Beta
AttachCesiumAssetTool Attach a cesium asset from the Ion ID and key. Beta
AttachMapLayerTool This tool add a Map Layer from a specified name (look up in MapLayerSources.json). Beta
AttachMapOverlayTool This tool attaches a Overlay map layer. Beta
AttachRealityModelTool This tool attaches a specified reality model. Beta
AttachTileURLMapLayerByUrlTool This tool attaches a map layer from a given tile URL. Beta
AttachWmsMapLayerByUrlTool This tool attaches a WMS map layer from a given URL. Beta
AttachWmtsMapLayerByUrlTool This tool attaches a WMTS map layer from a given URL. Beta
ChangeCameraTool Change the camera settings of the selected viewport. Beta
ChangeEmphasisSettingsTool Changes the selected viewport's emphasis settings. Beta
ChangeFlashSettingsTool Changes the FlashSettings for the selected Viewport. Beta
ChangeHiliteSettingsTool Changes the selected viewport's hilite settings, or resets to defaults. Beta
ChangeHiliteTool Changes the selected viewport's hilite or emphasis settings. Beta
ChangePlanProjectionSettingsTool Changes plan projection settings for one or more models. Beta
ChangeUnitsTool Controls whether quantities are formatted using imperial or metric units. Beta
ChangeViewFlagsTool Modifies the selected viewport's ViewFlags. Beta
ClearEmphasizedElementsTool Reset EmphasizeElements for the active Viewport. Beta
ClearIsolatedElementsTool Clear the set of isolated elements. Beta
ClearModelAppearanceOverrides clear model appearance overrides in display style. Beta
ClearRealityModelAppearanceOverrides Clear reality model appearance override in display style. Beta
ClipColorTool This tool specifies or unspecifies a clip color to use for pixels inside or outside the clip region. Beta
CompileShadersTool Compiles all registered shader programs for which compilation has not already been attempted. Beta
DefaultTileSizeModifierTool Sets the default tile size modifier used for all viewports that don't explicitly override it. Beta
DetachMapLayersTool Detach Map Layers Tool. Beta
DetachRealityModelTool Detach reality model from display style. Beta
DisplayStyleTool Modifies the selected viewport's DisplayStyleState. Beta
DumpPlanProjectionSettingsTool Dumps a JSON representation of the plan projection settings for the current viewport. Beta
ElementIdFromSourceAspectIdTool Given the Id of an element in the iModel, output the source aspect Id of the object in the source document from which the element originated. Beta
EmphasizeElementsTool Applies the EmphasizeElements API in some way to the selected Viewport. Beta
EmphasizeSelectedElementsTool If any elements are selected, emphasize them all by overriding their color to be orange; and de-emphasize all other elements by drawing them transparent grey. Beta
EmphasizeVisibleElementsTool Emphasize the set of elements currently visible in the view based on Viewport.queryVisibleFeatures. Beta
ExtensionServiceTool An Immediate Tool that adds an iModel.js Extension Service context Id to an application. Beta
FadeOutTool Enables or disables fade-out transparency mode for the selected viewport. Beta
FreezeSceneTool Freeze or unfreeze the scene for the selected viewport. Beta
FrustumDecorator Decorates the viewport with a graphical depiction of a Frustum. Beta
InspectElementTool Creates a readable text summary of a geometric element or geometry part. Beta
IsolateSelectedElementsTool Isolate all selected elements so that only those elements will be drawn. Beta
LoseWebGLContextTool Forces webgl context loss. Beta
MapBaseColorTool This tool changes the color of the base map. Beta
MapBaseTransparencyTool This tool changes the transparency of the base map. Beta
MapBaseVisibilityTool This tool changes the visibility of the base map. Beta
MapLayerSubLayerVisiblityTool This tool sets the visibility of the map sublayer. Beta
MapLayerTransparencyTool This tool sets the transparency of a map layer. Beta
MapLayerVisibilityTool This tool sets the visibility of the map layer. Beta
MapLayerZoomTool This tool changes the viewport so it is zoomed to the range of a map layer. Beta
MaskBackgroundMapByElementTool Tool to mask background map by elements Beta
MaskBackgroundMapByExcludedElementTool Tool to mask background map by excluded elements Beta
MaskBackgroundMapByModelTool Tool to mask background map by geometric models Beta
MaskBackgroundMapBySubCategoryTool Tool to mask background map by SubCategories Beta
MaskRealityModelByElementTool Tool to mask reality model by elements Beta
MaskRealityModelByExcludedElementTool Tool to mask reality model by excluded elements Beta
MaskRealityModelByModelTool Tool to mask reality model by geometric models Beta
MaskRealityModelBySubCategoryTool Tool to mask reality model by SubCategories Beta
MeasureTileLoadTimeTool Unloads all tile trees, then starts a timer that stops when all tile trees and tiles required for the view are ready. Beta
OverrideSubCategoryPriorityTool Changes subcategory display priority. Beta
OverrideSubCategoryTool Apply appearance overrides to one or more subcategories in the active viewport. Beta
PlanarMaskBaseTool Base class for the reality model planar masking tools. Beta
ProjectExtentsDecoration Beta
RealityTransitionTool This tool applies a transition in X, Y, Z, or transparency. Beta
RenderSystemDebugControlTool Executes some code against a RenderSystemDebugControl obtained from the IModelApp's RenderSystem. Beta
RenderTargetDebugControlToggleTool Toggles some aspect of a RenderTargetDebugControl for the selected viewport. Beta
RenderTargetDebugControlTool Executes some code against a RenderTargetDebugControl obtained from the selected viewport. Beta
ReorderMapLayers This tool reorders map layers. Beta
ReportWebGLCompatibilityTool Queries the client's level of compatibility with the rendering system and outputs it to NotificationManager. Beta
SaveRealityModelTool This tool saves a reality model's JSON representation to the system clipboard. Beta
SaveRenderingStyleTool Outputs (and optionally copies to the clipboard) a "rendering style" as a partial DisplayStyle3dSettingsProps JSON object based Beta
SaveViewTool Copies a JSON representation of the active viewport's view to the clipboard. Beta
SelectElementsByIdTool Replaces the contents of the selection set with the set of element Ids specified. Beta
SetAASamplesTool Set the number of antialiasing samples to use (<=1 for no antialiasing). Beta
SetAspectRatioSkewTool This tool sets the aspect ratio skew for the selected viewport. Beta
SetGpuMemoryLimitTool Adjust the value of TileAdmin.gpuMemoryLimit. Beta
SetHigherPriorityRealityModelMasking Tool to mask reality model by higher priority models. Beta
SetMapBaseTool Sets map layer base tool. Beta
SetMapHigherPriorityMasking Set Map Masking by selected models. Beta
SetModelColorTool Set model appearance override for color in display style. Beta
SetModelEmphasizedTool Set model appearance override for emphasized in display style. Beta
SetModelIgnoresMaterialsTool Set model appearance override for ignoreMaterials in display style. Beta
SetModelLineCodeTool Set model appearance override for line code in display style. Beta
SetModelLineWeightTool Set model appearance override for line weight in display style. Beta
SetModelLocateTool Set model appearance override for nonLocatable in display style. Beta
SetModelTransparencyTool Set model appearance override for transparency in display style. Beta
SetRealityModelColorTool Set reality model appearance override for color in display style. Beta
SetRealityModelEmphasizedTool Set reality model appearance override for emphasized in display style. Beta
SetRealityModelLocateTool Set reality model appearance override for locatable in display style. Beta
SetRealityModelTransparencyTool Set reality model appearance override for transparency in display style. Beta
ShowTileVolumesTool Set the tile bounding volume decorations to display in the selected viewport. Beta
SourceAspectIdFromElementIdTool Given a source aspect Id, output the Id of the corresponding element in the iModel. Beta
SourceAspectIdTool Base class for a tool that can convert between source aspect Ids and element Ids. Beta
TestClipStyleTool Simple tool that toggles a hard-coded clip style overriding various aspects of the cut geometry appearance. Beta
Toggle3dManipulationsTool Changes the allow3dManipulations flag for the selected viewport if the viewport is displaying a ViewState3d. Beta
ToggleDPIForLODTool Toggles whether or not device pixel ratio should be taken into account when computing LOD for tiles and decoration graphics. Beta
ToggleDrapeFrustumTool Turn on the display of the draping frustum. Beta
ToggleDrawingGraphicsTool Toggles display of 2d graphics in a DrawingViewState. Beta
ToggleFrustumSnapshotTool Enable ("ON"), disable ("OFF"), or toggle ("TOGGLE" or omitted) the FrustumDecorator. Beta
ToggleOSMBuildingDisplay Turn on/off display of OpenStreetMap buildings Beta
TogglePrimitiveVisibilityTool Control whether all geometry renders, or only instanced or batched geometry. Beta
ToggleProjectExtentsTool Enable or disable project extents decoration. Beta
ToggleReadPixelsTool Toggles between normal rendering and rendering as if drawing to an off-screen framebuffer for element locate. Beta
ToggleRealityTileBounds Turn on display of reality tile boundaries. Beta
ToggleRealityTileFreeze Freeze loading of reality tiles. Beta
ToggleRealityTileLogging Turn on logging of console tile selection and loading (to console). Beta
ToggleRealityTilePreload Turn on display of reality tile preload debugging. Beta
ToggleSectionCutTool Controls a view state's view details' flag for producing cut geometry for a clip style. Beta
ToggleSectionDrawingSpatialViewTool Toggles whether a SectionDrawing's spatial view is always displayed along with the 2d graphics by a DrawingViewState, even Beta
ToggleSelectedViewFrustumTool Enable ("ON"), disable ("OFF"), or toggle ("TOGGLE" or omitted) the selected view frustum decoration. Beta
ToggleShadowFrustumTool Toggle visualization of the selected viewport's shadow frustum in all other viewports. Beta
ToggleSkyboxTool Toggles the skybox. Beta
ToggleTerrainTool This tool toggles whether to apply terrain heights to the map. Beta
ToggleTileRequestDecorationTool Display in every viewport a range graphic for every tile currently being requested for the viewport that was initially selected when the decorator was installed. Beta
ToggleTileTreeBoundsDecorationTool Display in every viewport a green range graphic for each displayed tile tree, plus a red range graphic for each tile tree's content range if defined. Beta
ToggleToolTipsTool Replaces the default tooltips displayed when mousing over elements to instead display information useful for debugging, including Beta
ToggleViewAttachmentBoundariesTool Toggle display of view attachment boundaries in sheet views. Beta
ToggleViewAttachmentClipShapesTool Toggle display of view attachment clip shapes in sheet views. Beta
ToggleViewAttachmentsTool Toggles display of view attachments in sheet views. Beta
ToggleVolClassIntersect Toggles support for intersecting volume classifiers. Beta
ToggleWiremeshTool Toggles pseudo-wiremesh surface display, for better visualization of mesh faces. Beta
UnmaskMapTool Unmask Mask. Beta
UnmaskRealityModelTool Remove masks from reality model. Beta
ViewportAddRealityModel This tool adds a reality model to the viewport. Beta
ViewportTileSizeModifierTool Sets or clears the tile size modifier override for the selected viewport. Beta
ViewportToggleTool Base class for a tool that toggles some aspect of a Viewport. Beta
WoWIgnoreBackgroundTool Set whether background color is ignored when applying white-on-white reversal. Beta

Global Functions

Name Description  
deserializeViewState Instantiate a ViewState serialized by [serializeViewState]. Beta
parseArgs Given a list of arguments, parse the arguments into name-value pairs. Beta
serializeViewState Serialize a ViewState to JSON. Beta
toggleProjectExtents Enable or disable the project extents decoration. Beta


Name Description  
ToolArgs Represents parsed arguments as name-value pairs. Beta

Last Updated: 06 October, 2021