iModel.js API Reference Documentation

This section gives detailed documentation on the packages and classes in iModel.js. Each package is organized in to a series of topics that form a logical outline of its concepts.

Generally, it is not expected that the API Reference documentation will be read sequentially or entirely. Rather, it is consulted to explain details of the APIs. It elaborates on topics introduced in the Learning sections. Start there to get a better understanding of the big picture concepts upon which the API is based.

The iModel.js packages contain some APIs which are intentionally excluded from the API Reference documentation. These APIs should be considered internal implementation details subject to change at any time.

The iModel.js library is organized into the following separately downloadable npm packages under the @bentley scope:

iModel.js Core Packages

iModel.js UI Packages

iModel.js Presentation Packages

Last Updated: 13 June, 2024