NativeApp Class

The frontend of a native application

see Native Applications


Name Description
constructor(): NativeApp    
callNativeHost<T extends AsyncMethodsOf<NativeAppFunctions>>(methodName: T, ...args: Parameters<>): Promise<PromiseReturnType<>> Static   Deprecated  
checkInternetConnectivity(): Promise<InternetConnectivityStatus> Static determine whether the app currently has internet connectivity, if known  
closeStorage(storage: Storage, deleteStorage: boolean = false): Promise<void> Static Close a Storage and optionally delete it.  
deleteBriefcase(fileName: string): Promise<void> Static Delete an existing briefcase  
getBriefcaseFileName(props: BriefcaseProps): Promise<string> Static Get the full path filename for a briefcase within the briefcase cache  
getCachedBriefcases(iModelId?: string): Promise<LocalBriefcaseProps[]> Static Get a list of all briefcase files held in the local briefcase cache directory  
getStorageNames(): Promise<string[]> Static Get the list of existing Storages on the local disk.  
openStorage(name: string): Promise<Storage> Static Open a Storage.  
requestDownloadBriefcase(iTwinId: string, iModelId: string, downloadOptions: DownloadBriefcaseOptions, asOf?: IModelVersion): Promise<BriefcaseDownloader> Static    
requestDownloadBriefcase(iTwinId: string, iModelId: string, downloadOptions: DownloadBriefcaseOptions, asOf?: IModelVersion, progress?: ): Promise<BriefcaseDownloader> Static   Deprecated  


Name Type Description
isValid Accessor StaticReadOnly boolean    
nativeAppIpc Static PickAsyncMethods<NativeAppFunctions> A Proxy to call one of the NativeAppFunctions functions via IPC.  
onInternetConnectivityChanged Static BeEvent<(status: InternetConnectivityStatus) => void> event called when internet connectivity changes, if known  

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Last Updated: 18 January, 2023